Monday, September 27, 2010

Zwingli's Oneupmanship

The following illustrates how Zwingli sought to highlight his ability in the biblical languages over against that of Luther.

Zwingli quoted Philippians 2:6ff at the Marburg Colloquoy and said: “The passage reads ‘ος ’εν μορφη θεου ‘υπαρχων and μορφην δουλου λαβων. To which Luther said: “Read it in German or Latin, not Greek”. Zwingli then replied: “Pardon me for using the Greek Testament. I have been using it for twelve years. I have only read the Latin once.

(Gottfried W. Locher, “Zwingli’s Thought: New Perspectives” (Brill, 1981), p 57)


  1. sujomo,
    yet it's strange of Luther to say that. He was no slouch when it came to Greek. I've seen a comment saying that if we lose the Biblical languages we lose the gospel.

  2. yeah, this makes zwingli seem adolescent