Monday, April 25, 2011

REFORC Conference in Zurich

The first RefoRC Conference will be held 8-11 June in Zurich.The Director of RefoRC is Herman Selderhuis. The conference organizing committee will be headed by Peter Opitz who heads the Institute for Swiss Reformation History at the University of Zurich.

Subsequent conferences will be held in Oslo (2012), Berlin (2013) and Bologna (2014).

The plenary papers at this conference are:

Barbara Mahlman-Bauer “Koversionsberichte der Frühen Neuzeit”

Bridget Heal “The Catholic eye and the Protestant ear. The Reformation as a non visual event?”

Piotr Wilcek “The ‘myth’ of the Polish Reformation in modern historiography”

Ignasi Fernández Terricabras “Was the Catholic Reformation a Spanish even?”

Rodney Petersen “The apocalyptic Luther-exegesis and self-identification”

Emidio Campi “The Reformation: A German Event?”

Of the short papers to be presented the ones that interest me most are:

Davy Hoolwerf (Stellendam) “Bullingers Endzeiterwartung in seinem Predigten über das Buch der Offenbarung”

Daniël Timmerman (Apeldoorn) “Between Rhetoric and Prophecy. The Development of Heinrich Bullinger’s Concept of Church Ministry (up to 1532)”

Frank Ewerszumrode OP (Mainz) “Die Abendmahlslehre der Confession Genevensis und des Consensus Tigurinus im Vergleich”

Urs Leu (Zentralbibliothek Zürich) “Buchdruck und Reformation in der Schweiz: Die Verlagsprogramme von Basel, Genf und Zürich im Vergleich. Digitalisierung Schweizer Drucke des 16.h.”

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