Sunday, February 5, 2012

More on Bullinger and the Old Faith

The following citation from The Old Faith demonstrates the extent to which Bullinger emphasizes the continuity between the old and the new covenants. The difference in the ‘new’ is more evident, ‘more clearly practiced, accomplished, fulfilled and performed.’

“I will declare, that God now also through the appearing of his Son would bring into the world and set forth none other religion, none other faith, neither any other salvation, than even the same which was shewed to the old fathers: saving that all things are more evident, more clearly practiced, accomplished, fulfilled, and performed; for the which cause also all figures, sacrifices, and ceremonies do cease: for in Christ is all perfection. Yet shall we not therefore cast away the Old Testament, as some ignorant, unlearned, and foolish people do, but have it in greater reputation; forasmuch as we shall know now through Christ, what every thing signifieth, and wherefore everything was thus and thus ordained, used and spoken. Now shall every man first have a courage to read the law and the prophets, when he seeth whereupon every thing goeth. And thus also at the beginning did the holy apostles preach Christ unto the Jews out of the law and the prophets, as it is oftimes mentioned in the Acts of the apostles. And our Lord himself, when he went with the two disciples toward Emaus, and preached so unto them, that their hearts burnt within them, he began at Moses, and went through all the prophets, and opened unto them the old scriptures, and shewed them that so it behoved Christ to suffer, and to enter into his glory. This is the cause also that the scriptures of the New testament hang all together and refer themselves to the scriptures of the Old Testament; so that these cannot be right understood without the other, no more than the gloss without the text. The text is the law and the prophets, the exposition are the evangelists and apostles.”

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