Monday, June 25, 2012

Bullinger and the writing of history

Christian Moser has just written a mammoth work on Bullinger's writing of history: Die Dignität des Ereignisses: Studien zu Heinrich Bullingers Reformationsgeschichtsschreibung published by Brill 2012.

This is a summary of what to expect in the book:

The study examines the published and unpublished historical works and materials written by the Zurich Reformer Heinrich Bullinger primarily considering the Reformation History preserved in his handwritten manuscript from the 1560s. Its origin, sources, and his applied work processes are analyzed in the context of the theological assumptions and methodological claims of Bullinger’s historiography, which are also classified and examined against the background of early modern humanist and confessional historiography. The history of reception and influence of Bullinger’s Reformation History are another aspect of this analysis of what came to be a foundational source for later Reformation historians. In addition to this investigation, numerous unpublished source materials by Bullinger are edited, and detailed descriptions of extant transcripts are documented.

This is a must read book for all serious students of Bullinger!

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