Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zwingli on the Lord’s Supper in 1524

Over at Jim West’s blog (Zwingliusredivivus) there is a post on Zwingli’s letter to Matthew Alber (#41 of Zwingli’s works listed in Peter Stephens’ The Theology of Huldrych Zwingli). It is worth checking out.


The post gives the link to the website of the Central Library of Zurich (www.e-rara.ch) where Zwingli’s letter can be downloaded as a pdf file.

This letter gives us a glimpse of Zwingli’s understanding of the Eucharist in 1524 and how he was emphatic in opposing transubstantiation. A timely reminder that many of Zwingli’s earlier works were ‘negative’, such as opposing transubstantiation.

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